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Concrete Repair--  Level Sunken Concrete

Concrete Raising of North Carolina is a concrete repair company that specializes in leveling sunken concrete.  This is a concrete repair method that has application for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers.  We raise and level sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, porches, pool decks, etc.

There are three ways to repair concrete that has sunk.  The first is to saw and grind the areas, but the result is generally as unsightly as the un-level concrete.  The second is to remove and replace it, but the cost is high.  The third method is to fill the void underneath the concrete slab and raise it to its original position.  This method of concrete repair is the best choice for the customer who prefers to save money.   With twenty-seven years of experience we know how to solve problems associated with un-level concrete.   
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