What We Do

Concrete Repair

Elevate concrete to a new level and...  

Remove unsightly trip hazards...
Eliminate liability!

We raise sunken concrete, a concrete repair method that can be used on all slab-on-grade applications, including commercial, industrial, municipal and residential. Raising concrete is an economical method of repair that has been used for over seventy-five years. As opposed to concrete removal and replacement, concrete raising preserves the surrounding landscape, while it prevents thousands of tons of concrete from entering landfills, making it an eco-friendly solution to an unsightly and often risky problem that can result in liability issues. Raising concrete can also be a convenient concrete repair remedy, since it requires no curing time, and can be used immediately upon completion of the work.  Included in our concrete repair emphasis is pressure grouting, void filling, abandonment pipe filling, et al.

"Slabjacking" and "Mudjacking" Process

  A pattern of 1-1/2” holes are drilled

Grout is pumped under the slab. Once any void is filled, the grout becomes pressurized and hydraulically raises the slab to the
desired height.

The holes are then patched with cement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any concrete be raised?

Yes, approximately 95% of sunken concrete can be raised.

Can concrete that has been raised sink again?

There is a very remote possibility. When it does sink again the cause is not due to the grout. It is generally due to less compact “deep” soil. The remedy for this situation is to “pressure grout” the soil anywhere from one or two feet to several feet down. Our company also provides this service. 
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