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We have all seen settled concrete that is both unsightly as well as a trip hazard. Many people believe that the only concrete repair available for sunken concrete is removal and replacement. However, we align concrete without costly and messy removal. Using what is commonly referred to as “Mudjacking” or "Slabjacking" techniques, we drill small holes in uneven concrete slabs, through which we pump organic material that hydraulically lifts and levels sinking concrete. This concrete repair is accomplished at dramatically reduced costs to our customers, and saves existing looks rather than combining old concrete slabs with new ones that have contrasting colors.  Contact us at

Benefits of Raising Sunken Concrete

  • Saves up to 50% over replacement
  • Preserves surrounding landscape
  • Improved appearance over grinding
  • Permanent solution once void is filled
  • Keeps concrete out of landfills
  • Successful on most slab-on-grade applications


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